Tuesday, May 17, 2011


14. Name the following compounds:
a. BaO2 - Barium Peroxide
b. NaH - Sodium Hydride
c. Fe(NO2)3 - Iron III Nitrite
d. CCl4 - Carbon Tetrachloride
e. HClO2 - Chlorous acid
f. Cu(OH)2 - Copper II Hydroxide
g. ZnMnO4 - Zinc Permanganate(?)
h. NH4Cl - Ammonium Chloride


  1. Great job on each name. I got the same answers as you. For science reasons, when you write the names you should write the ions name with no capitals. The names should be in all lower case letters. Also, when you list the roman numerals put them in parentheses. Great job on remembering the tricky ions like peroxide and and permanganate.

  2. Great job!! i agree with marcy, just little stuff to be aware of. I always mess up on the roman numerals, but i believe yours are right. You got the main parts right and i got the same as you did, great job!